Qaida Nooraniya

To all who wish to learn Arabic and Quran:recitation without any previous knowledge A great opportunity to join Qaida Nooraniya The best way to learn and practice Arabic Easiest way to learn and improve Quran recitation practically in a short period of time without having to learn the details of Tajweed rules Course E300

Sheikh Maassarawy to chair the Scientific Committee

His Eminence Sheikh Maassarawy will chair the Scientific Committee that evaluates and examine Quranic Ejaza and Memorization applicants. Sheikh Maassarawy is the previous head of Egyptian Quran reciters association.

Shatibiya and Durra course

Great news for Tajweed and Qira’at students For the first time on the web: A course to teach Shatibiya and Durra By his Eminence Sheikh/ Ihab Fikry Haidar The prominent Qira’at scholar and Qira’at teacher at the Prophet’s Mosque. The course starts on Sat 16th September 2017. If you have an ejaza in at least one…


$ 270 / Semester



$ 240 / Semester



$ 400 / Semester

Study of Shatibiya and Durra