Sh. Tarek Mohammed Anwar Ali

#Personal Data
  Name: Tarek Mohammed Anwar Ali
Nationality: Egyptian
Date of Birth: 09/12/1987
Marital Status: Married
 Academic Qualifications
  • 2005- completed secondary study in Al-Azhar secondary Institute- El-Minia- Egypt.
  • 2009- Graduated and get Licence (BBCH) from the faculty of Religion Principle (Osoul Al-Din and Dawaa)- Hadith Branch- Al-Azhar University
  • 2010- Licence (Igaza) from Al-Azhar Institute of Holy Quran and Tajweed
  • 2011-Diploma in Islamic Studies from the High Institute of Islamic Studies- Cairo, Egypt.
  • 2012-Certification of master teaching Qa’idah Alnooraniyah Tajweed Rules for non-Arabic speakers.
  • Licence (Igaza) to read and learn Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim in Hadith
  • Licence (Igaza) to read and learn the Holy Quran and Tajweed with the following readings and narrations (Rewayat) as heard from Prophet Mohammed PBUH:
  • Reading of Imam Asem (Rewayat Hafs and Shouba).
  • Reading of Imam Ibn Kathier (Rewayat Al-Bazzy and Konbul).
  • Reading of Imam Nafiee (Rewayat Kaloon and Warsh).
  • Reading of Imam Al-Doury
  • Diploma of Educational Qualification - Faculty of Education Ain Shams University