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Why Ejazaonline


Learning and propagating Islamic knowledge is one of our greatest responsibilities as Muslims. And of this knowledge, certainly none is more noble than the transmission of the word of Allah subhanahu wa Taala. In the Quran, He says, “Indeed it is We who have sent down the Quran and Indeed We will be its Guardian.” (Surah Al-Hijr 15:9) Among the key ways that the Quran’s authenticity continues to be guarded and preserved is through its correct memorization and the system of “Ejaza” which allows for it to be transmitted, as it was revealed, from generation to generation.

Why Choose Us

The Quranic Studies department at Mishkah University has established a well-disciplined system for granting certificates and Quranic Ejaza.  All students study under highly qualified teachers, who must certify them. The students must also pass an examination in front of a high-level scientific committee to get an accredited university certificate. This intensive audit of the student’s abilities ensures the quality of the student’s knowledge and the curriculum, and also serves as a testament to the graduate’s competence. It also safeguards the sanctity of the knowledge transmitted and helps us to uphold the trust of the Muslim community, as we ensure that only those most deserving are awarded the distinction of the Ejaza.

Our Teaching Team

We employ strict guidelines in selecting our teaching team to enable our Quran students to get a first-rate learning experience.

All instructors must fulfill the following prerequisites:

1) Memorization of the Holy Quran
2) Theoretical and Practical Proficiency in terms of intonation for at least one Rewaya
3) Full knowledge of the science of Waqf & Ibtidaa, and Othmani scripture
4) Some knowledge of Tafsir and other Quranic studies
5) Good knowledge of Arabic grammar
6) Comprehensive knowledge of at least one book in the rules of one Qiraa
7) Enough practical experience related to the assigned track to be taught
8) Exemplary Islamic behavior and outlook
9) Teachers can only teach tracks which he/she has an Ejaza to teach