Sh. Sally Ibrahim Abd Al-Hady Nafea

Personal Data
Name : Sally Ibrahim Abd Al-Hady Nafea.
She was born on July, 8, 1987.
Nationality: Egyptian
Career Objective:
Through this position, I will help the non native Arabic speakers learn about the simple correct way and style of reciting the Quran based on the tajweed rules. My graduation project was to create a desktop app that detects the pronunciation mistakes errors that lots of non Arabic speakers may make.
Educational and professional Experience:
1- BA in computer science, Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University in 2008 (very good grade)
· Major Department: Information Technology
· Minor Department: Information Systems
· GPA (Grade Point Average): 3.21
2- Getting a certificate of memorizing the whole Quran from Dar Al-Arqam in Maadi in 2012.
3- I have been online teaching the Quran and its tajweed in addition to some simple Islamic Studies to the non Arabic speakers since 2018
· Arabic: Mother Tongue
· English Very Good (certified by Berlitz)