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Non-Arabic speaking students are offered this special track.
Upon completion, they are expected to recite the Holy Quran correctly beside memorizing some short suras and well understand their meaning.

Program Goals

  • Understanding the Qur’anic markings
  • Qur’anic manners during recitation (heart & external manners)
  • Correct recitation of sura al-Fatiha
  • Correct recitation and memorization of most (or all) of chapter 30 of the Holy Quran
  • Learning basic Tajweed rules from “Tajweed Rules of the Quran” by/ Kareema Czerepinski
  • Learning basic meaning of every memorized sura before moving to the next one
  • Instilling honor of the Quran in the students’ hearts through memorization and understanding the meaning of memorized suras



  Length of the program Lectures Per week Duration of the lecture Total number of Lectures Fee per lecture Total Program fee Monthly fee

Basic Quran Recitation
for beginers / Non-Arabic speakers
Open 3 (weekdays) 30 minutes 12 (per month) $4.00 Open $48
Open 6 30 minutes 24 (per month) $3.50 Open $84
Open Sat-Sun 30 minutes 8 (per month) $5.00 Open $40
Open Sat-Sun 45 minutes 8 (per month) $5.50 Open $44