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Special Ejazaonline discount on tuition fees

Referral discount policy for students at Mishkah:


Mishkah University is pleased to offer a referral discount policy to its students in the (Ejaza Online) program, where a discount on tuition fees of 10% is given when referring another student when registered to study in the program.


When filling out the Ejaza program registration form, there is a field titled (How did you know about us). If you click on Select (by a student in Mishkah), a new field will open in which you can write the referring student’s name.

This student, whose name has been noted, will be entitled to a discount of 10% of his current study fees.

Any student has the right to refer any number of students to study and is entitled to a discount of 10% for each student who is referred to study on Ejazaonline.


To benefit from this discount, the following conditions must be observed:

  • Full payment of fees from the new student who was referred
  • The student who was referred completed the study period (24 hours)
  • The referring student (the one who made the referral or recommendation) must be currently studying in an Ejazaonline program
  • The maximum discount allowed is 100% (when referring ten new students to study in the online Ijaza program)


This policy may be modified or canceled by Mishkah at any time without giving any reason behind such modification or cancellation.