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This is a program for those wishing to recite the Holy Qur’an in full, with the provisions of recitation and intonation but not with memorization. The program is suitable for those who are unable to memorize, but they are keen on learning the correct reading and mastering it on the whole Qur’an. It also fits those who are able to memorize but want to postpone memorization until after mastering the provisions of recitation.
A graduation exam will be held at the end of the program to test student mastery of the provisions of intonation, and upon passing the exam successfully, he\she is granted a “Certificate of Proficiency in Reciting the whole Qur’an”, and he is not granted an Ejaza.

Program Goals

  • Understanding the Qur’anic markings
  • Observing Qur’anic manners during recitation (heart & external manners)
  • Learning the Tajweed rules gradually and applying those rules on the whole Qur’an
  • Enabling students to understand the verses they have learned
  • Realizing the glorification of the Noble Qur’an in the hearts of students through the struggle and patience to master its recitation
  • Helping students to start memorizing parts of the Holy Qur’an
  • Increasing the sincere desire in the hearts of students to work according to the Qur’an with sincerity and love