Sh.Maha Mohammad Salah Al-Sawy

  • Obtained High School from Islamic Saudi Academy in the United States.
  • A graduate of the Faculty of Women for Arts, Science, and Education, Department of English Language and Literature.
  • A Master’s degree of arts in English literature with Distinction.
  • License in the seven readings (Quranic recitation) from Sheikha Mona Obaya.
  • License in the ten readings of Quran from sheikha Zainab Al- Fayoumy.
  • License in Family law, worship jurisprudence, and Quranic sciences from the American Open University.
 Professional courses:
  • Translation skills in the Classroom: A synthesis of Linguistic and Cultural Discipline from the Faculty of Women.
  • Womanist Internationalism and Resistance of War from the Faculty of Women.