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    E301 Correct recitation
    E302 Basic Tajwid Course
    E303 Memorization and Revision
    E304 Preparation for Ejaza
    E305 Ejaza in One Qiraa
    E306 Ejaza Shatibiya and Durra
    E307 Study of Tayybatul Nashr
    E308 Ejaza in some or all 10 Qiraa’t
    E309 Basic Quran Recitation
    E310-A Reciting the whole Quran
    E310-B Proficiency in reciting the whole Quran

    Sh. Safwat Hasan Zeiny
    Sh. Tarek Mohammed Anwar Ali
    Sh. Ahmad Ashry
    Sh. Mahmoud Qattan
    Sh. Um Muhammad bint Jalaluddin
    Sh. Um Mu’adh
    Sh. Lubaba bint Shushan
    Sh. Amina Bin Mahmoud Aly Ibrahim El Saken
    Sh. Rajaa Mohamed Ezzi Madany
    Sh. Fatma Hassan Zaki

    Ramadan Competition


    Ramadan competition

    The Competition’s Three Branches:

    Level 1: For those who have memorized the entire Noble Qur’an according to one “rewaya” of the frequent narrations, and know the tafsir of the Qur’an from: “Tafsir al-Saadi”, Al-Tafsir al-Moyassar, or Al-Jalalin.

    Level 2: For those who have memorized 10 consecutive Juz from any position with good recitation and intonation.

    Level 3: For those who have memorized three consecutive Juz with good recitation and intonation.

    The Competition’s Stages:

    Stage 1: Applicants will send their information and an audio recording of the required verses in their level before Ramadan begins.

    Stage 2: Those who succeed in the first stage in their performance and rules of intonation will be tested during scheduled online interviews from the 18th to 28th of Ramadan.

    Winners will be announced on 17th May 2021, inshaa Allah.

    Clips to be recorded

    Level 1:
    Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 233 to 237
    Surat Al-Anfal, verse 22 to 29
    Surat Fussilat, verse 40 to 45
    Surat Al-Najm, verse 1 to 18

    Level 2:
    Surat Al-Nisa `, verse 11 to 13
    Surat Al-Shuara `, verse 192 to 216
    Surah Yassin , verse 1 to 12

    Level 3:
    Surat Muhammad, verse 12 to 17
    Surat Al-Hadid, verse 11 to 16
    Surat Al-Muddathir, verse 1 to 17

    Competition Prizes

    First place $ 800
    Second place $ 600
    Third place $ 400

    Each second and third place winner in all 3 levels will get a scholarship to Mishkah University’s Ejazaonline program for a period of one semester (24 study hours)

    Please send your information and required audio recordings to: ejaza@mishkahu.com after filling the application below


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