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The competition consists of three branches

The first branch: memorizing the entire Noble Qur’an according to one “rewaya” of the frequent narrations, and knowing the tafsir of the Noble Qur’an from: “Tafsir al-Saadi”, (Al-Tafsir al-Moyassar), or (Al-Jalalin)

The second branch: memorizing fifteen consecutive Juz from any position with good recitation ,intonation and knowing the meaning of the vocabulary.

The third branch: memorizing five consecutive Juz with good recitation and intonation.

The competition is in two stages First: The applicants (male or female) should send an audio recording of the required verses in each branch, along with filling out the application form. Mishkah University will start receiving and evaluating competition applications starting from 6 Jumada II 1444 (January 1, 2023), and the door for receiving applications will close on 1st Ramadan 1444 (March 23, 2023).
Second: Those who are successful in the first stage in terms of performance and rules of intonation will be given tests with scheduled online interviews from 5-21 Ramadan 1444 (March 28- April 13, 2023)
The names of the winners will be announced on 26th Ramadan 1444 (April 18, 2023) inshaa Allah.

Sound clips to be recorded

For the first branch:
From V. 100 to V. 103 of Surat An-Nisa’
From V. 71 to V. 77 of Surat Yunus
From V. 82 to V. 93 of Surat An-Naml
Surat Al-Munafiqun

For the second branch:
From V. 22 to V. 29 of Surat Al-Anfal
From V. 68 to V. 74 of Surat An-Nahl
From V. 30 to V. 32 of Surat An-Nur
From V. 41 to V. 54 of Surat Sad

For the third branch:
From V. 21 to V. 28 of Surat Al-Ahqaf
From V. 1 to V. 23 of Surat An-Najm
From V. 1 to V. 30 of Surat Al-Mudaththir
Surat Al-Inshirah

Competition Prizes

Prizes in US$:


1 st

2 nd  

3 rd

4 th
1 st branch $2,000 $1,600 $1,300 $900

2 nd branch

$1,250 $950 $750 $550
3 rd branch $850 $550 $450 $350

Scholarships in (Ejazaonline) program at Mishkah University for all fifth, sixth, and seventh winners in all 3 branches for a period of one semester (24 study hours)

Contestant data with the required audio recordings to be sent to:



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