EjazaOnline - IjazaOnline

Vision and Goals

Ejaza Online: A program in Quranic Studies Dept. in Islamic University of North America (Mishkah). Mishkah is specialized in online teaching of Islamic studies in Arabic and English. It aims at spreading moderate Islamic knowledge all around the world.

 To be the most important online platform of teaching recitation, rules and memorization the Quran within five years.
 - Spreading the Quranic culture among all Muslims.
 - Teaching Muslims how to recite the Quran along with its rules.
 - Helping Muslims memorize the Quran.
 - Helping those memorized the Quran in continuous review.
 - Giving new Muslims a chance to know about the Quran, its rules and how to memorize it.
 - Helping new Muslims to be excellent at the Arabic language through knowing about the Quranic eloquence.
 - Offering Ejaza in different recitations with connected chain of narrators to the Prophet (peace be upon him).