The following are tips and instructions to help authors of research papers get approved and published on the University’s official website:

• Sincerity of intention to Allah should be behind every research paper or article.

• Good preparation for the research topic is crucial to gain cumulative knowledge surrounding all sides of the chosen topic.

• You must have access to the latest published studies and research on the topic you intend to write. Such access may save time and effort in analyzing problematic issues related to your topic, especially if they have already been previously considered or solved.

• Be sure to provide scientific evidence to support your thoughts and opinions. Evidence may reference scripture, texts, or  certified arguments already authenticated and approved by leading Qiraa’t scholars.

• Your research should be divided into four sections:

Abstract: This should provide a concise descriptive summary of the research area to which the manuscript contributes, the specific research topic it addresses, the research strategy employed for the analysis, the results obtained from the analysis, and the implications of the findings. The abstract should encourage others to read the full research. A good abstract will show better in internet search engines, and will easily spread over social media outlets.

Main argument: State the main elements of your research and -if necessary- define any unclear or disputed terminology. Explain the main problem you are tackling and further explore the issue with examples and previous experience.

Make sure you probe any supplied data or information and be careful not to amputate away from the context of your subject. Do not make digressions from your main research objective.

Conclusion: Provide here the most important findings with any proposals or recommendations that enrich the research. Results should be clear and easy to understand.

References: References are listed in order of appearance.

Research Title: It should be as short as possible, and highlights the dilemma you are investigating and the most important message you want to convey to the readers. A good title should be short, precise, specific, complete and unambiguous.