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    E300 Qaida Nooraniya
    E301 Correct recitation
    E302 Basic Tajwid Course
    E303 Memorization and Revision
    E304 Preparation for Ejaza
    E305 Ejaza in One Qiraa
    E306 Ejaza Shatibiya and Durra
    E307 Study of Tayybatul Nashr
    E308 Ejaza in some or all 10 Qiraa’t
    E309 Basic Quran Recitation

    Sh. Safwat Hasan Zeiny
    Sh. Ali Shuaib
    Sh. Um Muhammad bint Jalaluddin
    Sh. Nehal Samir
    Sh. Um Mu’adh
    Sh. Muhammad Mustafa Jibaly
    Sh. Lubaba bint Shushan

    Programs » E309 Basic Quran Recitation » 

    Non-Arabic speaking students are offered this special track.
    Upon completion, they are expected to recite the Holy Quran correctly beside memorizing some short suras and well understand their meaning.

    Program Goals

    • Understanding the Qur’anic markings
    • Qur’anic manners during recitation (heart & external manners)
    • Correct recitation of sura al-Fatiha
    • Correct recitation and memorization of most (or all) of chapter 30 of the Holy Quran
    • Learning basic Tajweed rules from “Tajweed Rules of the Quran” by/ Kareema Czerepinski
    • Learning basic meaning of every memorized sura before moving to the next one
    • Instilling honor of the Quran in the students’ hearts through memorization and understanding the meaning of memorized suras

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    EjazaOnline is part of the Quranic Studies Department at Mishkah University. EjazaOnline aims to become the most prominent Quranic platform on the web to teach recitation and Tajwid of the holy Quran and to graduate Hafiz and Mujaz reciters within 5 years.

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