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This program enables the student to memorize two, three, five, ten, fifteen chapters or the entire Quran (the two chapters are the 29th and 30th). This will be based on a systematic schedule and accumulative revision with great emphasis on Tajweed rules. The program is taught 2 hours/week for 12 weeks. A student may repeat the program depending on the number of chapters to memorize.

The program covers the following Tajweed rules:


  • Introduction of the science of Tajweed
  • The virtues of learning and reciting the Holy Koran
  • Al Isti’adha and  the basmallah
  • The point of articulation of the letter – Makharij al Huruf
  • The characteristics of the letters– Sifat al Huruf


  • Prolongation – different types of Madd
  • Noon Sakina and Tenween (rules of N sound)
  • Mim Sakina (rules of M sound)
  • Al-ghunna


  • The letters Lam and Ra
  • Al-idgham
  • Al-mutamaathilain, al-mutajaanisain, al-mutaqaaribain, and al-mutabaa’idain
  • Hamzatu al-Wasl
  • The start, stop and break during the reading.

Program Goals:

  1. Help students to memorize the entire Quran.

  2. Help students to revise the Quran.

  3. Learning the Quranic terms and recitation manners.

  4. Learning the Tajweed rules gradually.

  5. Enabling students to understand the verses they have learned.

  6. Eliminating students` hesitating while reciting what they have memorized.

  7. Instilling honor of the Quran in the students’ hearts through memorization and revision.

Eligibles for the program:

Proficiency in reading the Arabic language with basic knowledge of the provisions of reading and intonation


Extended programs (such as memorization and correction of recitation) are long programs and can last for years, and therefore registration is renewed quarterly every 24 lectures.


After the student completes the program, an oral and written exam is arranged for him in coordination with the examination committee. The student is considered successful and deserves to obtain a graduation certificate if his evaluation by the committee is greater than 75%.