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    E301 Correct recitation
    E302 Basic Tajwid Course
    E303 Memorization and Revision
    E304 Preparation for Ejaza
    E305 Ejaza in One Qiraa
    E306 Ejaza Shatibiya and Durra
    E307 Study of Tayybatul Nashr
    E308 Ejaza in some or all 10 Qiraa’t
    E309 Basic Quran Recitation
    E310-A Reciting the whole Quran
    E310-B Proficiency in reciting the whole Quran
    E312 Summer Extensive Course for Quran Memorization and Tajweed

    Sh. Safwat Hasan Zeiny
    Sh. Tarek Mohammed Anwar Ali
    Sh. Ahmad Ashry
    Sh. Mahmoud Qattan
    Sh. Um Muhammad bint Jalaluddin
    Sh. Um Mu’adh
    Sh. Amina Bint Mahmoud Aly Ibrahim El Saken
    Sh. Rajaa Mohamed Ezzi Madany
    Sh. Fatma Hassan Zaki
    Sh. Sally Ibrahim Abd Al-Hady Nafea
    Sh. Hadeel Shahata

    Sh. Um Mu’adh

    She was born on Mar. 21st, 1982 in Egypt.


    - Ejaza from Sh. Safwat Az-Zeiny, Manager of Ejaza Online Website, in Hafs narration.
    - A diploma from Institute of Quran Teachers in Umraneyya, Egypt.
    - Quran Ejaza from Institute of Quran Teachers in Umraneyya, Egypt.
    - Learning the Quran from different sheikhs such as: Muqbel Ad-Dib, Shaaban Husein, Ahmad Ash-Sherbini and others.
    - Learning the Qa’eda Nuraneyya, Tajweed, some topics in Islamic jurisprudence and creed.

    - Getting the first place for three years during studying in Institute of Quran Teachers in Umraneyya.
    - A teacher in Institute of Quran Teachers in Umraneyya for six years from 2001 to 2006.
    - A Quran teacher in Taqwa Institute from 2007 to 2014.
    - A Quran teacher in Zahra Institute in Umraneyya from 2014 till now.
    - A Quran teacher from women in many masjeds especially in Summer season.

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    EjazaOnline is part of the Quranic Studies Department at Mishkah University. EjazaOnline aims to become the most prominent Quranic platform on the web to teach recitation and Tajwid of the holy Quran and to graduate Hafiz and Mujaz reciters within 5 years.

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