Sh. Um Muhammad bint Jalaluddin

 Personal Data
  She was born on 1978 in Cairo, Egypt.
  - Ejaza in the ten recitations (Shatebeyya) in 2009 from Sh. Maha bint Baheyyuddin Taha (certified from Azhar).
- Ejaza in the big ten Quranic recitations (Tayyiba) with all styles and methods in 2017 from Sh. Maha bint Bahyyuddin.
- Ejaza in the four recitations to complete the fourteen recitations from Sh. Maha bint Bahyyuddin in 2016.
- Ejaza in the seven recitations from 2002 to 2010 from Sh. Wedad bint Abdul-Adl ibn Abdul-Salam.
- Ejaza in Hafs (Shatebeyya) in 2002 from Sh. Khadeja bint Sa’d (Um Abdul-Salam).
- Ejaza in Qaloun (Nafea), Warsh (Nafea), Ibn Kathir’s recitation, Hamza’s recitation from Sh. Zainab Fayyoumi ( Tayebe ) from 2011 to 2012.
- Ejaza in Hafs (Mesbah), Ya’qoub Al-Hadramy’s recitation, Abu Ga’far Al-Madany’s and Khalaf Al- Asher recitation (Durra) from Sh. Hala bint Abd Ash-Shafy from 2012 to 2017.
- Ejaza in Warsh (Azraq) from Sh. Rashida Afroukh.
- Ejaza in Hafs ( shatebeyyah ) and Motoon : Tohfa & Jazryyah from Sh. Laila bint Ahmed bin Hamid ( 2017
- Ejaza in the Qa’eda Nuraneyya from Sh. Raihana Qary.
- Ejaza in Matn Al-Jazareyya from Sh. Raihana Qary.
  - An Ejaza in Tajweed from Shubra institute of recitations.
- High ( Alya ) Quraa’t license from Shubra institute of recitations.
  - Preparing teachers in Masjed Fath in Nasr City, taught by Sh. Um Abdus-Salam in 2002.
- Lots of courses in explaining poems in Tajweed and recitations such as Tayyeba An-Nashr, Shatebeyya and Durra, taught by Sh. Mervat Hejazy.
- One day course in Hoson Khamsa way for memorization and review , with sh. Saed Hamza .
 Current Studies:
  - Studying in the Recitations Institute in Azhar in Takhasus Quraa’t (Recitations specialist license )
- Studying Islamic Studies in English in the Islamic Online University.
  - Delivering lessons in the Quran in Masjed Fath and Masjed Bilal since 2002
- Managing the online courses of teaching narration of Warsh under the name of Sh. Bareqat Nour since 2004 till now
- Teaching lessons of reviewing the Quran and Ejaza classes in Dar of Rayhan in Cairo.
- Teaching how to get an Ejaza in Dar of Rayhan in Cairo.
- Teaching theoretical and practical Tajweed in both: Dar Al Rudwan& Dar Al Rayhan in Cairo.
- Delivering lectures in how to ponder over the Quran( Tadabbur ) .
- Studying how to recite the Quran in all narrations with al styles: Shatebeyya, Tayyebat An-Nashr and Durra.
- Teaching the poems relating to Shatebeyya, Tayyebat An-Nashr and Durra , Jazreyyah and Tohfat al Atfal .
- Delivering lectures about presentation skills.
- Teaching The Quran and Islamic studies’ principles for the non Arabic Muslims
- Now Teaching In Mishkah University .